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I-Com Software Ltd. specializes in providing web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions. I-Com's Telemarketing-CRM software was developed especially for those professionals whose daily job involves sitting at the computer station, calling potential customers, needing quick and simple access to the database, and documenting the call's progress and result.

Aside from the database of potential customers and actual customers, the system possess many other features such as quick access to user-predefined texts (for example, "opening comments when calling potential customer" etc.), list of open tasks, referral records, and material sending. Of course, being a web-based application, this protected system allows access from anywhere to unlimited number of users of varied authorization levels (administrator, operator, etc.). Also included is a Reports module that allows the analysis and comparison of the telemarketing efforts and results, workforce's calendar management, on-line support, and much more.

The system is easy to implement and provides a fast Return-on-Investment (ROI). It offers distinctive performance, and any organization's unique requirements or work-style can be accommodated by customization provided by I-Com Ltd.